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This area, which is not part of the City of Des Plaines, is separated from the city proper by a toll barrier erected by the City of Des Plaines. I-294. It is surrounded by the Desplaines Forest Preserve and borders the Illinois River and State Capitol.

The land in the area was purchased by the Illinois and Wisconsin Land Company as part of a railroad line from Chicago to Janesville, Wisconsin. The Chicago and North Western Railway bought the railway line in 1884, which gave the station the name Des Plaines. (required), this route began in 1886 and stopped in a small business district of the city near the Desplaines River, where it grew.

The McDonald Corporation owned a lot west of Chicago on which the franchise store 1 was located, and Ray Kroc considered it his favorite store, so he opened it. Two years later, Bob Dondanville of Arlington Heights, who moved from California to California after the opening of Van Nuys' Choo - choo Choo, became an early McDonald's franchisee and two others eventually opened in 2006.

He graduated from DePaul in 1928, married in 1947, ran for president of Justice of the Peace in Niles Township in 1949, and was elected president of the Alumni Association of Roosevelt College. He went to Hollywood to play, but after finding only a few small film roles, he returned to Chicago and taught at Senn High School for a year or two. In 1951 Des Plaines' Choo - choo Choo opened, and he returned to the Little Theater in Chicago, where he was elected president of the association in 1952.

Dr. Bud Phillips of Des Plaines once told me that Ray Kroc once approached Stan Orsi, a manager at Kraft Corporation, to buy Choo-choo Choo, but he declined, and that was because he had to go to the McDonald's store. Many of his employees defected to Cho-choo Choos because they could be paid in cash instead of shares. As a result, some of those employees who stayed at McDonald's became very rich.

At the same time, he said that trains are also known for their speed and that it would be a good way to serve fast food on trains. Kroc assured him that he didn't think his hamburger restaurant would ever get a run for it because he didn't have a seat on the train. There were no plans to convert railway carriages into dining cars, of course, but Kocher, the owner of Choo-choo Choos, assured him that this was the case.

It was not until the mid-1950s that Kroc, the man formally recognized as the inventor of the McDonald's franchise, came to make the restaurant chain the brand we know today. The original restaurant opened in 1955 and enjoyed a heyday, including the now iconic Golden Arch, but it was actually the ninth in the company's history; the first In - N Burger was built entirely from scratch in Baldwin Park, California, and Coldwin. Sanders Cafe was rebuilt at his KFC birthplace in Corbin, Kentucky, in the 1940s. It was not until the early 1960s that the restaurants that housed the museum were fully realized as part of his vision of fast food. At Wichita State University in Kansas, they were preserved for study and moved to their current location.

The building is also architecturally significant because Stauber was also the architect commissioned by Ray Kroc to adapt the McDonald's blueprints for Des Plaines, and extensive changes were made that were critical to its success. Ballowe later recalled that as he prepared to open a McDonald's, he stopped by other hamburger restaurants in the city. It seems like a plausible story, but the multi-mixer is still used by Choo-Choos for their milkshakes and hearty breakfasts, which include apple pancakes with fresh apples and a variety of other breakfast products. In the mid-1950s, he sold it for $10,000, though there is no record of him ever getting to a "McDonald's in California."

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